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Our spiritual health is just as important, if not more than, our physical health. While IOK closes its doors to the general public for worship, we are boosting our virtual programming to ensure everyone has a home for knowledge, on every platform. We are doubling down on social media, the IOK part-time Seminary, and in developing written content for all of you to benefit from in this time.



The guidance, education, and spiritual care we are able to provide to our youth and community is only possible with the help of Allah and your prayers and support. Your financial support helps sustain our Seminary and Chaplaincy Initiative. 
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In 2015 we launched the idea of IOK Chaplaincy with the intention of trying to develop a program wherein we could place individuals trained in the Islamic tradition in positions to provide spiritual care, guidance, and education to college students in Southern California. We knew that many of our brightest and most talented will be attending these universities and that it was essential for us, as a community, to serve them directly in those spaces. 

Our goal in chaplaincy is to provide an anchor that ties the students to the greater Muslim community and Islam as it has been understood from its sources for centuries. We are there to provide spiritual care and support during a time in their lives that is filled with uncertainty and challenges. 

When we started this work we had two chaplains serving two campuses. In the over three years that we have been doing this work now the efforts have grown to eight chaplains and eight campuses. From 2017 up to today we’ve had over 1400 individual office hours appointments with students ranging in issues from family problems, to career questions, to mental health issues, to general conversations about learning and living Islam in our context.


Through the grace and blessings of God, the IOK Seminary was established with the goal of educating and training the next generation of American leaders – both men and women, to serve their communities as scholars, leaders, and practitioners of the moral teachings of Islam.

One of the greatest needs of Muslim communities throughout America is qualified Islamic scholarship – Islamic Scholars who are trained and equipped to deal with the unique issues we face as Muslims living in America. We need teachers, mentors, chaplains, youth directors, scholars, and community leaders who have a deep understanding of the Islamic academic tradition along with an understanding of the culture, norms, customs, and traditions of the society they live in.

Now we are looking to the community for regular donors who are willing to support this work. This is one of those rare donation opportunities where your donation is going directly to the costs of the program.

The Institute of Knowledge is a not-for-profit educational institute. For our Sustainers Club campaign, we accept general donations (sadaqah) only and not zakat. However we do accept zakat donations for our zakat-based scholarship funds. Please visit for more details. We sincerely ask that you help us today to build the future we want for tomorrow, for we truly believe God Almighty helps those who help themselves. Institute of Knowledge is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Tax ID of the organization is 95-4796275.