IOK School aspires to offer a GOLD standard in education by encouraging the following attributes in its students and staff:

Great Manners and Ethics

●     Sincerity: Be Sincere in Your Intentions and Respectful in Your Actions

●     Steadfastness: Be Persistent in Your Efforts and Patient for Results

●     Discipline: Be Prepared, On-time, and Honest in All Your Affairs

Outstanding Academics and Effort

●     Religious Sciences: Learn, Live and Grow in the Islamic Tradition

●     Contemporary Sciences: Excel in All Subjects to Attain a Holistic Education

●     Hard Work: Envision Your Long-term Goals and Keep Trying Your Best

Leadership and Communication Skills

●     Teamwork: Work Together with Diverse Groups of People for the Betterment of Society

●     Critical Thinking: Ask Questions, Reflect and Research for Innovative Solutions

●     Effective Communication: Listen, Speak and Write Clearly to Understand and Be Understood

Devotion and Service

●     Faith: Put Your Trust in Allah and Love for Others What You Love for Yourself

●     Worship: Remember Allah Throughout Your Day and Be Kind and Charitable to All

●     Public Service: Serve Allah by Serving Others and Protect Your Environment