Beginner level students will be taught the recognition of alphabet, spelling of letters and words, with an understanding of lingual articulation (makharij) and description (sifat).

Intermediate level students will focus on the recitation of the Quran to gain fluency.

Advanced level students will memorize selected portions of the Quran based on individual ability.

Tuition: 4 Hour Session: $125.00/month per student
2 Hour Session: $100.00/month per student
1 Hour Session: $75.00/month per student
Instructors: Shaykh Abdul Wahab Khan, Ustadha Mouada Labanieh, Ustadha Sherine Khafagy & Other IOK Teachers
Fees: $35/student annual registration fee
Ages: Children ages 4 and above
Schedule: Saturdays August 11th 2018 – May 25th 2019