Elementary School Overview

TK - 5th Grade (Ages 4-10)


IOK’s elementary students experience a private school education that meets and exceeds California state standards. Our unique integrated education focuses on a very distinct academic and religious studies program that encourages students to achieve excellence in both dimensions of knowledge.

Objective and Goals

Our objective is to uphold a model system based on Quranic and Prophetic guidance that values the sacredness of knowledge (ta’leem) and ethics (tarbiyah), while achieving the following goals:

  • Provide students with high standards in academic education that develops growth, confidence and ambition.
  • Teach students the Quran through an efficient and authentic modality, thus laying a foundation for memorization (Hifdh al-Quran).
  • Educate and train students in the Islamic tradition through a comprehensive Islamic studies curriculum.
  • Lay a strong foundation of the Arabic language enabling students to pursue a study of Islam in its native language of revelation.
  • Nurture the emotional, social, moral and spiritual potentialities of students while shaping their personality and character.


Quick Facts

  • Qualified and caring staff with years of experience
  • Small class sizes
  • Beautiful purpose built campus maintained by full-time personnel
  • Annual science fair, spelling bee, book fairs, field trips and other enrichment activities
  • Participation in regional competitions including the New Horizons Interschool Spelling Bee, AFE Speech Competition, and the IIOC Earth Day
  • Monthly speakers from the community to promote knowledge and interest in a wide range of topics (religious and academic)
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