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Your Speech Along These Lines?

God ﷻ says, “There is no good in most of their secret talk, only in commanding charity, or good, or reconciliation between people. To anyone who does these things, seeking to please God, We shall give a rich reward.” [4:114] He ﷻ also says, “And We had created the human and know what his self whispers: We are closer to him [in Our knowledge] than the jugular vein—with two receiving angels, one on his right side and one on his left, set to record: he does not utter a saying except that there is a watcher with him, present and prepared.” [50:16-18] Our behaviors and actions should be characterized with and directed by the certain knowledge of our return and judgement by God where He ﷻ will hold us accountable for all we have done. Speech can lead to great benefit or great harm and all of it will be asked about. We should remember to limit our speech and think about their consequences in both this life and the next. If it isn’t good, then it is best to keep silent, or, better yet, we should keep ourselves preoccupied with declaring God’s perfection, asking His forgiveness, pray to Him, pray for His Prophet’s protection and increased honor, declare God being the One True God and that He has no partners, and so on. These will have positive outcomes for us in both this life and the next on a grand scale. We humbly ask God’s forgiveness for what has passed and to wipe our records clean—He is surely the Most Forgiving and that is easy for Him! Ameen!

—Mohammad B.