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What Makes God Happy

Everything in creation is a slave and and servant of God, the Master ﷻ. To disobey Him is to sin, and all sins require repentance. God’s Messenger ﷺ said, “People, repent to God and ask His forgiveness, for I repent one hundred times in a day.” Although the Prophet ﷺ was protected from committing sins, it is said that his repentance served as a means of teaching the people of his time—which includes everyone from the time of his prophethood until the Day of Judgement—and increasing his rank with God ﷻ. Every human, other than the prophets of God, is bound to sin, many times a day. Repenting constantly assists in removing the sins that a person may fall in without noticing as well as the ones they are aware of. Death can come at any moment, so what are you waiting for? A person’s happiness can be defined as the delight that they feel when they acquire what they desire. God’s happiness, however, is unlike that of His creations. It is an Attribute of His and is in whatever way that is befitting to His majesty and perfection. So we don’t know what its really like, since God, in His Essence, is beyond comprehension. We simply affirm and believe what He tells us about Himself. Now, imagine yourself in a huge dessert with no end in sight, water or vegetation, and the camel you were riding leaves you and is no where to be found. The one thought that that is going to occur to you is that you are a goner. Then, after having given up and a while goes by—you randomly stubble your camel again! Imagine the joy! Here we learn that God is happier than that when His servants repent to Him! He gives us no reason to hesitate. God says, “God loves those who turn to Him in repentance, and He loves those who keep themselves clean [from obscene acts and filth].” [2:222] This narration is indicative of God’s grace towards those who repent to Him and His love for them. So keep it up, and God ﷻ will love you for constantly turning back to Him and being mindful of Him.

—Mohammad B.