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What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? Poverty that keeps you too preoccupied in worry and trying to make a living to make room for the consideration of voluntary good deeds? Affluence that makes transgressing God’s sacred laws easy? Health that paralyzes? Death that is prepared when you are not? The Dajjal who will claim to be god and lead many off into Hell? That will be humanities greatest tribulation on Earth! Or the Day of Resurrection when no one can pay any ransom or ask for a second chance? And that is an even greater tribulation that the humans and genies from the beginning of time will face when they have to answer to the One True God! It is upon the believer to make the most of every opportunity they have to earn some good for themselves and store it up with God. In this way, they can receive salvation by the God’s Grace and Bounty and cash in those everlasting rewards in the Hereafter—because that opportunity to do good may be the last.

—Mohammad B.