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‘The things people dislike’ is in regards to whatever every legally responsible individual (the age of puberty) must struggle to fend off and avoid regarding what is prohibited while persevering in what they have been commanded to do in God’s laws, submitting to Him and being patient amidst life’s challenges. What is loosely translated as ‘prohibited desires’ are those things which a person desires of what is prohibited in the sacred law of God, or of what would lead to leaving off what is commanded, or doing too much of something that may lead to what is prohibited. This narration is one of the profound yet concise sayings of the Prophet ﷺ. It summarizes the reality of the test of life. To refrain oneself from chasing everything that is desirable while persevering in obedience to God and worship is difficult. To chase one’s desires is much more… desirable. The analogy of both the Hellfire and Paradise being ‘vieled’ is what makes this narration so vivid. It is as if to say that if a person does either what is prohibited or what is good yet disliked, it is as though they went past the curtain and either fell into the Hellfire or entered Paradise. After all, this life is a test for God to see who does best, and the good ending is for those who are mindful of Him. Its not about what we want, its about what God wants. God is the Master and we are the slaves, or have we convinced ourselves that we are the masters and God should be subject to our whims? Hell no, literally. The evidence is all in God’s favor. He clearly chooses the makeup of our lives while the only choice we are left with is whether or not we will show gratitude—and God is not in need of anyone while everything is in need of Him.

—Mohammad B.