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Whoever sticks to asking God’s forgiveness and persists in it, God ﷻ will respond with plenty of good. He is the Most Generous. He ﷻ will create a way out of every constraint by being gentle with the person and protecting them. He ﷻ will remove the cause of every sadness and open up a way for deliverance along with happiness. Finally, He ﷻwill provide for them in unexpected ways—God is capable of doing anything. In this way, God has made seeking His forgiveness beneficial for us in both this life and the next. He will even increase us in the pure things of this world when we leave off disbelief, repent to Him, submit to Him, and follow His revelations. He alone posses the ability to give or take, so how can we turn to anyone else? Whoever hopes to find a helper besides Him will utterly fail. Noah said, “Ask forgiveness of your Lord: He is ever forgiving. He will send down abundant rain from the sky for you; He will give you wealth and sons; He will provide you with gardens and rivers.” [71:10-12] So if you are ever experiencing a personal drought or a communal one, perhaps it is because of either disbelief, sin or both.

—Mohammad B.