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Real Intelligence

Notice the Prophet ﷺ here is redefining what we may assume intelligence or feeble mindedness to be. What is loosely translated here as ‘intelligent’  is more technically defined as ‘the person who is insightful and observes things in relation to their outcomes and final destinations.’ What is loosely translated here as ‘feeble person’ is more comprehensively defined as ‘the feeble person who leaves off what is required of them regarding their responsibilities to God.’ Basically, this person who is truly intelligent subjugates his lowly desires up until it becomes obedient to him rather than the other way around. He directed it towards its purpose, servitude to God ﷻ, giving him real reason to hope in God’s acceptance. The opposite is the person who gave into his desires such that it rides him into sin or neglect regarding what he was commanded, and then says things like, “Its okay, God is the Most Merciful.” God ﷻ recompenses people in relation to what they did and not what they hope without anything to show for it. So, perhaps we have to rethink the person who “made it” with his smarts and yet, is all up in it all such that he has no idea he is enslaved to his lowest self. Salvation after all is what will matter in the end—and God’s generosity for those who did well will be unimaginable.

—Mohammad B.