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Paradise For A Tree

There is an indication in this narration towards the virtue of community service and such. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had also mentioned that removing a harmful object off the road is actually a part of the sixty to seventy branches of faith. In fact, it is actually the lowest branch—but! look what this man got for that: Paradise. The Final Home for the believers where they will have God’s eternal pleasure and acceptance, the most excellent friends, and endless fun for—literally eternity. All of this is real and true, its not a fairy tale. Every good action we can do for the sake of God ﷻ, big or small, is worth going after. There are no reasons given by God ﷻ or His Messenger ﷺ to belittle any good deed. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. They give us constant encouragement to hurry, hurry hurry towards acquiring good deeds. Your time is limited, so don’t sit around waiting for the big stuff to come along; go out and search for the next best thing you can do—even if it is as “seemingly trivial” as removing a harmful object off the road. Who are we to doubt God’s grace, generosity and mercy. Paradise! for a tree! Imagine doing something simple like honoring our parents, to whom we are obligated, with a kind word and delighting their hearts. (Nothing is more beloved to God than doing what He has obligated.) May God ﷻ facilitate for us doing what pleases Him and grant us the highest gardens! Āmīn.

—Mohammad B.