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No Sin To Belittle

When minor sins are done persistently and begin to pile up, they become major sins. A person who becomes comfortable with their good deeds, yet negligent about what they may be piling up of the sins they belittle, could meet God ﷻ and find that their sins have surrounded them. Another person, however, who sins and yet is always anxious and worried about those actions may meet God ﷻ safe and sound because of the concern they had. Belittling sins is an indication of the lack of fear a person has of God ﷻ, while seeing them as serious is an indication of a persons complete fear of God and the magnitude of the consciousness they have of their Master ﷻ. After the Prophets, it was the Prophet Muhammad’s Companions—may God be pleased with them all—who were the most complete in their piety and fear of God ﷻ because of their deep knowledge and awareness of who God is and His majesty. It is important to note that the minor sins we do and yet do not persist in are removed by many of the routine actions we do like the ritual purification and five daily worships. Major sins though, require sincere repentance with the intention to not go back to them after feeling remorse for what we’ve done. What is important to note here is to not belittle any sin such that we persist in them and have no idea that they become destructive for us in the Hereafter.

—Mohammad B.