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Jumping In The Fire

God says, “A Messenger has come to you from among yourselves. Your suffering distresses him: he is deeply concerned for your guidance and full of kindness and mercy towards the believers. If they turn away, [Prophet], say ,‘God is enough for me: there is no god but Him; I put my trust in Him; He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.’” [9:128-129] The Prophet was keen on making sure that he guided his nation to every possible good and warned them about all that is harmful to them. This of course was not from his own whims, but rather, his entire being, to the point of what made him happy or angry, was a manifest revelation from God. He was the means by which God gave us a practical example and teacher to follow to salvation. He was sent to clarify truth from falsehood and guide people to the path of God. Rejecting him is really rejecting God. All other ideologies, philosophies, practices that contradict or are foreign to his way are all rejected because they are manmade. The Prophet’s path was from God—the most perfect. Any trouble a person finds with his path is either from misunderstanding, ignorance, being subjects to their own desires, or are looking at it through the perspective of manmade philosophies and ideologies—the most problematic. God is the Master, and so, as His slaves, we should submit to Him and try to understand His revelation as it was taught—but that first requires us to humbly empty our cups of what we think we know. This narration points out the ignorance of most people in that they simply do not comply to the religion of Islam and really want to do what will become the source of their demise in the Fire of Hell. Everyone is in submission to something, while the Muslim submits and surrender willfully to their True Master, liberating them from servitude to the creation by serving the Creator. Anyone that does not align themselves with reality will only breed misery in their heart and will be even more wretched when they enter the Hellfire for eternity. The sooner we accept our responsibility to God, the sooner we taste a sweetness that only the ones who reach out and try the fruit can understand, the sooner we finally make sense of how life works, the sooner we live better lives, and in the end, be rewarded by God with whatever we desire in Paradise for eternity. God said, “We sent you [Prophet] only as a mercy and grace to all of creation. Say, ‘What is revealed to me is that your God is one God—will you submit to Him?’ But if they turn away from Islam, say, ‘I have proclaimed the message fairly to you all.'” [21:107-109]

—Mohammad B.