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Increase In Apparent Decrease

Notice that each action mentioned here has an outward appearance of decreasing or lowering oneself of something, while the Prophet ﷺ is actually clarifying it is in fact the opposite—and these are realities shared to us from God’s revelations which clarifies truth from falsehood and informs us with some of the things that are going on in the unseen. God ﷻ blesses wealth that was given in charity and either compensates what was spent with more or rewards it in the next life. The Prophet was the most generous person, especially so in the month of Ramadan which makes is among the virtuous qualities of the believers to have since they of course are his ﷺ followers. It is also a praise worthy quality that the believers spend in both times of ease and difficulty. It is the devil however who whispers doubts and worries to a person, so we seek God’s protection from him wanting us to fall short. The person who forgives and pardons others is honored by God in both this life and the next. And this of course is very difficult which is why its reward is so great, so we ask God to soften our hearts for that. Finally, God ﷻ places honor in peoples’ hearts for the one who humbles themselves for His sake (out of not fearing anyone besides Him) or to Him and raises their ranks in the Hereafter.

—Mohammad B.