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A Simple Charity For All

In other narrations it mentions that the Muslim who plants even just a single plant or tree gets the reward of charity for every human, animal, bird that eats from it—all the way until the Day of Resurrection. The fact that God’s Messenger ﷺ encourages that Muslims plant whatever is beneficial to themselves and others shows the virtue of the act. Its another simple yet effective way to rake in rewards, one that continues even after a person is long gone. In this narration we are learning to hurry towards benefiting God’s creations, to facilitate their affairs, and help them in their needs. Additionally, a Muslim is rewarded for whatever is stolen, usurped, or destroyed from them, so long as they have patience and expect the reward from God ﷻ. Just imagine making use of the quite honestly useless front lawns we have and our backyards by planting some tree that bears fruits and hanging a sign to welcome any passerby to enjoy themselves, no problemo.

—Mohammad B.