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IOK Chaplaincy Update for CSUN

CSUN Year-End Update 2019

This was the first full year of IOK Chaplaincy at CSUN.  Many more students were made aware of the Muslim Chaplain on campus, which led to an increased number of student interactions.  More students felt comfortable sharing their personal struggles, which allowed me to have a greater impact on their lives. I was able to develop stronger bonds with MSA leadership on campus, in part, due to spending time with them hanging out in social settings.  

     This year I was also able to develop stronger ties with various tiers of leadership within the CSUN community.  I met with the Director of University Counseling Services at CSUN to discuss ways we could benefit from each other’s services and how we can best serve Muslim students on campus.  I also met with the Vice President of Student Affairs to discuss similar matters. In addition, I met with University Student Union leadership, including the Executive Director and Associate Directors on a couple of occasions.  All meetings were set up by and attended by MSA leadership upon my request. The outcome of these meetings has led to an increased awareness of Muslim student needs on campus amongst those that have the ability to bring about that change.  Additionally, those Muslim students that participated in these meetings learned how to access leadership and advocate for their needs and rights as students. 

     Study Circles were held on a weekly basis.  We discussed topics that related to students’ lives on many levels.  I was asked to speak at the End of the Year Banquet that fell in the middle of Ramadan.  It was an uplifting and well-attended event. Finally, my chaplaincy work ended this year with an iftar (breaking of the fast) that I hosted at my home.  It was, indeed, a very befitting end to a blessed year. 

Peace & Blessings, 

Sh. Suhail Mulla