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IOK Chaplaincy Update for CSUN

CSUN Summer/Fall 2018 Update

Over the summer, I led a backpacking trip in the Yosemite backcountry with both CSUN and UCLA students.  The trip was phenomenal!  We covered over 30 miles and enjoyed the most spectacular views that the Sierra Nevada Mountains have to offer.  We camped next to pristine, high country lakes and streams, stargazed, viewed wildlife (bears, marmots), sat around the campfire and prayed Fajr in the cold, silent forest every morning.  The highlight of the trip was our ascent up the iconic Half Dome!  I’m already excited about taking up another group of students next summer, God willing.

Alhamdulillah, the IOK Chaplaincy kicked into full gear from the beginning of the school year.  Office hours have been consistently booked and many new students have reached out for consultations, advice, counseling and guidance on a wide variety of issues.  The IOK Chaplaincy began during the middle of last school year and students weren’t completely sure as to how to fully utilize chaplain services.  This year, there seems to be a level of trust and comfortability that has facilitated numerous students seeking services without hesitation.

Participation in our weekly halaqas has also increased and this semester we focused most of our discussions on developing an attachment to our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and that benefits that come with that attachment.  Due to CSUN MSA’s outreach efforts, many new students have started coming around including quite a few guests with other religious affiliations.  The MSA has run a very active Da’wah table which has led to many opportunities and student connections, as well as its share of challenges.  Fortunately, they have been very conscious of their limitations, and have sought counsel frequently.

Many thanks to the leadership at the Islamic Society West Valley for their continued support and funding of the IOK Chaplaincy position.  We hope that other masaajid will be inspired to invest in their student communities by similarly sponsoring IOK Chaplains in their critical support of students.

Looking forward to continued service,

— Sh. Suhail Mulla