ILMArtboard 4114



September 2015 Update

Asalamu ‘Alkaykum With the coming of September and the Fall school season activities are beginning to pick up on…

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August 2015 Update

Asalamu ‘Alkaykum August is the month where things start to speed up again in anticipation of the new school…

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Introduction and Ramadan Appeal

Asalamu ‘Alkaykum The Chaplaincy program at IOK is a unique initiative of its kind within the greater Muslim Community…

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May 2015 Update

Asalamu ‘Alkaykum With the passing of the month of May our local universities are moving from Spring into Summer…

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April 2015 Update

Asalamu ‘Alkaykum This month in chaplaincy we continued our efforts at both UCLA and USC. The year is quickly…

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March 2015 Update

Asalamu ‘Alkaykum Alhamdulillah the last month has been a busy month in campus life and in the development of…

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February 2015 Update

Asalamu ‘Alkaykum Alhamdulillah, in the last month we have been blessed to begin a journey of trying to build…

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November 2014 Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters, On behalf of my co-board members Taher Dadabhoy and Imtiaz Mohammady, I hope this email…

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